Card for Grandpa is in the mail!

Bake me a Pie!




Flute Lessons. 1 hour

Flute duets with random upperclassman music ed major who wanted some practice on flute. 1/2 hour

London Trios for Flute. 1/2 hour

Flute Choir Cathedral Arrangement. 1/2 hour

SAI training. 1/2 hour

Music Theory. 1 hour

4 hours of music rehearsal/class/lessons. Then add individual work.

Actually that’s not bad for a normal day. 


say hello to the newest treasurer/assistant procurator of the ASI auction committee. 

Usually 120$

I got it for less than 40$

Oh Matt.

The things I find while trying to become a minimalist..

Getting ready for Rocky Horror last night! 

This is Delaney and Trent. Trent and I pretend to be married. He’s in Sigma Chi and she’s Sigma Alpha Iota.

Getting Better!

My hall is rampant with flu!! I could name like 5 people right now who have been sick in the past couple days and if you just walk around campus you can hear this cough. 

I am getting better though after abusing the heck out of my friend’s netflix, sitting next to a happy lamp all day, and finishing an entire bottle of theraflu. 

Went to a class today, mostly because I thought I was ready and also because I only have it once a week so that’s kind of important. I dont think I’ll make it to Aural Skills though, my head starts to hurt with too much noise or brightness and that room is 100% artificial light because it’s underground and the acoustics are massive because it’s also the coral practice room. 

I got the happy lamp! It’s so bright

I am very sick..


I put myself to bed at 10 o’clock tonight and didn’t go out with my friends ANYWHERE today. 

send me a sun lamp please, k thanks

SO I’m joining a sorority

hahahahahahah just kidding.. it’s a fraternity

ΣΑΙ Sigma Alpha Iota; The Woman’s Music Fraternity!! 

They mentioned connections and they had me hooked. So I’m going to their house sunday night and we are doing volunteer work at an elementary to teach music on tuesday and I’m super excited! Pledging isn’t for awhile though.